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Galton Board

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Turing Machine

The AXON Simulator is one of the many tools in the Axon Idea Processor. The Simulator can be used for general purpose discrete or continuous event modeling. Axon provides many demo models (listed below) to help you to learn about simulation using the free Lite Version. The Simulator is currently bundled with the Axon Idea Processor.

Thermostat simulates a simple feedback loop for controlling temperature.
Radioactivity simulates naturally occuring radioactive decay in real time.
Roster simulates a 2-shift roster with no random element.
Satellite simulates a satellite moving around the earth.
Simple Queue simulates the basic principles of a single-server queueing system.
Cell System simulates cell growth-and-death process as a continuous events.
Interfacing simulates how a Packet can activate Object Actions.
Lift and Passenger simulates a simple single lift operation in a 3-storey building.
2-Server Queue simulates the basic principles of a 2-server queueing system.
Family Clinic simulates a typical doctor's clinic queueing system.
Loans simulates bank loan repayment with daily interest accrual.
Galton Board simulates a simple pinball machine that creates a binomial distribution.
Factory Production simulates a factory with 3 production and one assembly line.
Repair & Maintenance simulates vehicle breakdown and preventive maintenance.
Reliability simulates a simple reliability model with two components.
Inventory Control simulates the classical inventory control model.
Roulette and Slot Machine simulate casino games and enable you to test betting strategies.
Back Testing simulates stock price movements for purpose of testing stock trading strategies.
Port Operations simulates a container port operation involving berths and cranes.
Reliability Model1 simulates a reliability model with active & standby components.
Reliability Model2 simulates aircraft components in-service.
Cargo Interchange simulates cargo staging operation in a military compound.
Turing Machine simulates a universal Turing Machine with tape read and write.

Here are some ideas for simulation using the Axon Simulator:

Population Growth - Simulate factors affecting birth and death rates, and the overall effect on population growth or decline.
Quality Control - Simulate the defectives in a continuous or batch process, and test the effectiveness of the quality control process (such as sampling plans).
Facilities Utilization - Simulate the demand for tools and equipment (with various performance rating), storage/marshalling space, schduling, etc. and determine the bottlenecks and utilization.
Transportation System - Study the expected relationship between waiting time and utilization of a passenger transportation system (such as a fleet of taxicabs).
Financial System - Simulate cash flow, budgets, forecasts. investment portfolios, etc.
Others: Accidents, Client-Server, Communication, Diagnosis, Distribution, Gambling, Logistics, Music, Parallel Processing, Pollution, Reservation Systems, Stock Market, Waste Management.

Axon Research also conducts Simulation Workshops for beginners and advanced users. Contact Axon Research for details on these Workshops.