Number:12-13 is a sermon contributed by Keith Gardner, a Pastor cum IT Trainer, and the one who initiated the Axon Users Group way back in 1999. More of Keith's sermons can be found in the Axon Templates.
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Information Central

Information Central is a colorful and well-designed MIS model contributed by Ken Little from USA. Ken also contributed a couple of book reviews Templates entitled Portable Executive and Quantum Learning.

Creativity Techniques

Creativity Techniques is a summary of tools for creative problem solving contributed by Brian Maskell, President of BMA Inc, USA. Brian also contributed a book review on the Theory of Constraints, and a simulation project on Family Clinic.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a Concept Map contributed by a teacher-in-training from the National Institute of Education, Singapore. As seen from this example, Concept Maps can represent information much more accurately than Mind Maps.


Rainbow (Regenboog) is a board game with pawns and dice created by Wies van Breemen, a nine-year-old boy from Netherlands, for his primary school class project.

Project Dynamics

Project Dynamics (for software development) is by courtesy of Philippe Back, President of High Octane SPRL, who shares his expertise in software project management. His other Templates include, among others, Problem Resolution Approach.

Debits and Credits

Debits and Credits is an innovative visualization of the double-entry book-keeping system. Links in this diagram represent Debit-Credit transactions.

Oxidative Pathway

Oxidative Pathway is contributed by A/P Tan Tin Wee from the BioInformatics Center at the National University of Singapore. The pathway diagram is connected to large bio-databases such as KEGG, Expasy, and WITS.


Hyponatraemia is contributed by Dr. Steve Walsh from UK. Dr. Walsh is a Specialist Physician specializing in clinical medicine and medical informatics. In this example, Axon is used to deliver lesson content for diagnosis of low serum sodium (a medical application).

Comedy Writer

Comedy Writer is created by John Branyan using the AXON Generator to generate ideas for his daily work as a Comedian. John is a popular comedian in the USA. Drop in at one of his performances or book John for your next social event.

Six Colored Eyes

Six Colored Eyes is contributed by Dr. Rodney King. Rodney also contributed other templates/methodologies including the House of Excellence, etc. Visit his website to try out his innovative product.


Synectics is contributed by Charles Cave, the Australian publisher of the Creativity Web. Synectics is a brainstorming technique that uses analogies, metaphors, associations, and the excursion technique.

Reliability Model

Reliability Model and several other simulation models are contributed by Randy Pirtle from Honeywell USA. Randy specializes in reliability analysis and uses the Axon Simulator for many of his projects. His results show that simulation can produce a high degree of accuracy without resorting to complex mathematical analysis.

Diagrammatic Theorizing

Diagrammatic Theorizing is contributed by Auke van Breemen from Netherlands. Axon is used in his discourse on Peircean Semiotics - creating a grammar for integrated use of text and other signs. See his paper presented at the 8th AIS/IASS Congress entitled "Diagrammatic Theorizing: Discussion on form is discussion of content".

Meat Machine

The Meat Machine - most complex object in this Universe demonstrates a superior method/style of "mind mapping", based on cognitive sciences. Axon is specially designed for describing complex thought processes and conceptual hierarchies. See following animation using the 3D Visualizer.

Any diagram you draw can be turned into 3D with just a click of the button!

SARS Simulation Model

SARS Simulation is a simulation project in the NUS Science Research Program(SRP2004). The project is entitled pdf icon "A Simulation Study of the Probability of Contracting SARS in a School Compound" by Ms Chan Mei Sum of Hwa Chong Junior College, Singapore, using the Axon Simulator.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning is a planning template for a company involved in production and sales. This framework provides a basis for detailed planning and control.

Writing Tutorial

Tutorial on Writing is developed by Dr. Gavin Budge from UCE Birmingham, School of English. The work was sponsored by a grant from the English Subject Centre in UK. Gavin Budge studied at the Universities of Cambridge and London, and his research interests are in Romantic and Victorian literature.

Clean Water Act

Clean Water Act is an interpretation of difficult-to-read regulatory texts by Sallyanne Payton from the University of Michigan Law School. Sallyanne is the William W. Cook Professor of Law.

Classsical Adlerian Psychology

Graphic Overview of Classical Adlerian Psychology comes from Dr. Henry Stein (Director, Alfred Adler Inst. of San Francisco, Since 1993 Dr. Stein has been managing The Adlerian Translation Project which is dedicated to translating and publishing The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler and the unpublished writings of other Classical Adlerians. Dr. Stein integrated Abraham Maslow's and Alfred Adler's visions of optimal human functioning into a creative therapeutic approach.

Learning Environment

Learning Environment, a multidimensional heuristic workspace, is created by Dr. Paul Schroeder who exploits Axon's 3D capability to create a question-centered learning environment. Also see another of his large scale applications at Town Landfill Timeline.

Cieszewski's Classification

Cieszewski's Classification of Implicit Model Forms is contributed by Chris Cieszewski, an assistant professor in the Daniel B. Warnell School of Forest Resources, University of Georgia. As a forest biometrician in the school's fiber supply assessment program he specializes in inventory projections models.


Business Value Innovative Thinking Symbols (BVITS) is a systematic thinking method for generating breakthough innovative ideas. BVITS is developed by Lim Liat from consolidating and purifying the various creative and problem methods such as TRIZ, Blue Ocean Strategy, Structured Analysis and Design, Axiomatic Design and others. Lim Liat is the founder of BvOtech, a consulting company based in Singapore. The BVITS Idea Generator files can be downloaded from BvOtech's download site.

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