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"Axon (is) an example of what software, and computers, can do for you. Axon's loyal band of users convey one message: Software should be as flexible and far-reaching as you want it to be... Now into its 16th version, Axon has a longer lineage than most of the programs on your Windows computer..."

- Jeremy Wagstaff, excerpt from his technology column "A Factory for Ideas" Wall Street Journal Online 12th Jan 2007.

"Axon has more tools for pure creativity than any other thought mapping program".

- Tom Mueller, writing in Hemisphere (Inflight) Magazine - July 2004, USA

"I loaded Axon this afternoon and was VERY impressed! You have built a very comprehensive product... I like all the templates and hints!...The Checklists intrigue me..."

- Charles Cave, Producer of the Creativity Web, Australia

"When developing PAO-Thinking, I was lucky to discover the generic software, Axon. Using Axon, I have been able to visually realise and demonstrate some of my ideas... The Axon software was instrumental in the development of the "Ideal Business Improvement" methodology.

- Dr. Rodney King, formerly Bell College of Technology, UK

"...Maybe you want to take a look at an article I wrote, ... there you will find other html and Axon files. It is about Peircean semiotics (trying to make a grammar for integrated use of text and other signs), and it consists of experiments in layout and gradual exposition of material."

- Auke van Breemen, University of Nijmegen, Netherlands

"I've searched for a tool like this for many years... I find it very useful for generating and elaborating ideas. I worked with my job as an on-line producer... for organizing my work and also for creating concepts. And every day I find new possibilities to make use of the program. So the work with Axon is a creative process itself. It's a great pleasure".

- B. Neumann, Germany

"I have examined your demo, run the tutorial, inspected the templates, checked some of the references and browsed the help system. I have never seen anything so comprehensive and look forward to using it".

- T. MacKay, USA

"Your software changed my way of thinking and thus my entire life...In the 80's, early 90's there was so much innovation in the software industry. It's all gone! Windows 95 or XP, for me there is no difference. No more new killer apps. No competition = no innovation. I wish Axon a good future".

- Nilo de Roock, Netherlands

"There is much more to this rather remarkable program... This is a product the local software community can be proud of."

- Kenneth James (Technology Editor)
writing in Business Times, Singapore

"It is easily the best productivity tool I have seen, and I am using it regularly."

- D. Mitchell, Australia

"An easy to use software, based on convincing concepts and with a broad range of application".

- Georg Pleger, Austria

"I have pleasure in communicating to you that it's about ALL possible ways to process ideas. In short, I think it's a truly brilliant program!"

- R. Tross, Creativity Teletraining, Holland

"AXON is the engine that empowers our new CyberThink(tm) methodologies to graphically solve seemingly "impossible" problems for our clients."

- Dr. Robert Solomon, Founder/CEO, TRILLENNIUM Corporation, USA

"First, let me commend you on documenting your internal format!... You have chosen a wonderfully economical file format!"

- W. Thompson, USA

"We have looked at the Idea Processor. Most impressive."

- Prof. H. Jonassen,
Penn State University

"A very advanced idea processor..."

- Gary Hoover, USA. (From page 42 of his book Hoover's Vision - Original Thinking for Business Success).

"One of the best things I saw after the fall of FrameWork from Ashton-Tate..."

- C. Spedener, Luxembourg

"I've been using it quite extensively for business and personal use. Learning how to use it was very easy because the examples that you provide are well done. The tiny size of each file that Axon creates has been a pleasant surprise."

- L. Brown, USA

"I consider it one of the most innovative idea processing software in the marketplace, with excellent brainstorming and mindmapping capabilities. Chan Bok in fact gave up a cosy job and a steady paycheck to dedicate himself to the development of the Axon Idea Processor."

- Lee Say Keng, Publisher/Editor of "Left-Brain/Right-Brain Newsletter", Singapore

"The Axon Idea Processor is suitable for introduction in the middle to upper primary levels of schooling up to post-graduate level."

- ECOLE Website (European Collaborative Learning Network, a consortium of 10 European countries).

"Before rushing into your next project, take some time to think. Since word processors don't provide any features to help you examine, manipulate, and come up with ideas, try using a program that does offer these features, such as the Axon Idea Processor..."

(from the article Unconventional Software in Wallace Wang's Notes from the Underground, BoardWatch Magazine).

" programmer created the Axon Idea Processor by using Prolog, a popular programming language for researching artificial intelligence. The goal was to help people manipulate ideas, concepts, and facts so that they can devise a variety of possible solutions while better understanding their own way of thinking in the process".

from Beginning Programming for Dummies by Wallace Wang, USA.

"Axon is a one of a kind piece of software. It isn't as "pretty" as other mind mapping titles but it surpasses everything in function. More than just "mapping" ideas, Axon allows the user to "process" the ideas using a collection of powerful analysis tools. The open ended structure of the program allows for an infinite number of creative uses. The program will write poetry, it will create stories, it will analyze your budget, it will suggest names for your children, in will assist you in virtually any area of thought. Download the demo."

- from a Review in Simtel.Net

"Mindmap...uses tree diagrams to map out problem situations and suggest solutions. A broader but similar technique uses branch diagrams to map out concepts for better understanding and is called Concept Mapping. The Axon Idea Processor is an excellent software programme which will help you apply these techniques."

- Barry Welford, Canada, Inventor of the Mordy-Mandy creativity technique.

"...there are so many applications, from brain storming for ideas, to help in writing stories, to whatever."

- in memory of
Janet Read, Creator of Enchanted Mind, USA

"I have tried to use Microsoft Project and others like it, but the interface is so surly, it takes forever to do. With your help I have turned a 3 month exercise into 2 weeks"

- V. Brollini, USA

"I am a novelist and find Axon immensely useful in thinking about - and keeping track of - characters and scenes, organizing research materials, and generating ideas. The program is elegant and beautiful and a pleasure to use. Thanks for creating it".

- C. Buckholts, USA

"I am a Barrister by occupation and I have started a trend in Chambers for charts although no-one else has just versatile ones as mine!"

- Pat B., USA

"Axon... has a niche in the creativity and business consulting markets... Prolog enables many functionalities which are too demanding using a conventional language."

- from PCAI Magazine, Jan-Feb 1998 "AI@Work - Prolog Development Center and the Axon Idea Processor"

"...A computerized system was developed to help Analysts carry out OR projects... based upon a visual object-oriented idea processor. OR-related information is encapsulated as visual templates and checklists. Models can be documented and executed from within the environment..."

- from TIMS'95 Conference OR in Military Planning and Weapons Development, Chair: Richard Rosenthal, Naval Postgrad. Sch., Monterey.

"It has been the best software purchase I've made in years. It's completely revolutionized the way I organized material for writing and memorization".

- J. Ferris, USA

"In a phrase, Axon is the information integration tool par excellence."

- Greg Blevins, The Market Solutions Group, Inc. USA

"...To my knowledge it is the most flexible of all the products in this area. And unlike the others allows you to view your ideas 3-dimensionally. Technical support is also first rate".

- B. Turner, Sweden

"What makes Axon important to me is that I can use many different creative approaches... I have other tools... but all of them tie me into THEIR structure. I don't want to be bound by anyone else's structure... I want to be unstructured when I need that, and structured when I need THAT. Axon makes that possible..."

- T. Dettmann, USA

"I was very impressed by it's concept and possibilities. Axon almost has no limits to creation, diagramming, organizing and expanding ideas, exploration and communication of processes, make knowledge and information relationships, etc. After 20 year using computers, Axon was one of the jewels of software I found."

- Luiz Menezes, Electronic and Software Engineer, Newdata Informatica e Sistemas Ltda, Brasil

"I am a comedy writer and this is THE MOST FABULOUS piece of creative software I have ever encountered...I have searched for many years to find a writing tool that will help the creative process. I think I've seen them ALL.

Comedy writing is different from other writing in that it requires connecting random ideas together. The ideas are not necessarily related to each other. The comedy comes from finding the connection. Obviously, outliners, word processors, spreadsheets and even relational databases all require a 'structure' for the data and that hampers the creative process.

The genius in your software is the Generator. I'm still reeling from the possibilities. I can set up an Axon sheet in a couple of minutes, populate my objects with text from the internet, newspapers, my own writing, virtually any source. Then I Generate ideas based on the information I've imported. It's stunning. It's exactly what I wanted the Comedy Writing Software to do".

- John Branyan, Comedian and Script Writer, USA (John Branyan has won many comedy competitions and one of his current performances is a stage play entitled Crazy Love).

"I've just finished writing a review of Axon, MindMan, and Visimap (in) my newsletter. In my opinion, Axon offers the most in terms of features, flexibility, and performance... Chan Bok, the author of Axon, clearly takes the notion of creativity enhancement very seriously."

- William Wagner, as Editor-in-Chief, BUSINES$ Magazine, Slovenia

"Axon has always been a favorite of mine and is well worth the purchase price/upgrade. It is a great mindmapping tool but it is also a lot more than just mindmapping - you can do project management, decision trees, and other calculated diagrammatic representations with it... It is an integral part of my writing life for what it's worth. Give the demo a try".

- Kevin Cole, Cole Consulting, Ohio

"I am very pleased with the Axon Idea Processor. I have used it primarily to organize new subjects that I have been studying. I also used it to create a study guide/drill for my 6 year old son who is learning to read. I realize that I have barely scratched the surface of using your wonderful product. I need to spend some more time exploring further uses of Axon. Thanking you for a great product."

- D. Raftery, USA

"Thanks for a great program! I'm using it to meet challenges, create new ideas, study for certification exams, organize work plans, and more... The best part is that it makes my work more enjoyable. Also, the concept maps I can make with the program are impressive and they help me a lot in communicating with others."

-Phil Seyer, developer of MagicBrain™, another program written in Visual Prolog.

"Axon Idea Processor is simply amazing. It is, in essence, a way of placing thoughts and ideas into a visual canvas, complete with relationships and automated processes. The results are staggering, with an immense number of options and features that allow the user to do everything from solve a crime to generate a poem or story (a really cool feature). While it may sound confusing the support given is equally as impressive. For all thinkers alike (that should be all of us!) this program is a must. Superb."

(from the Review by A1 Yippee Shareware, where Axon is rated 5-Star *****)

"We will be using Axon as the software platform for the idea development and processing facility we are setting up in the Engineering Faculty. This facility will be used for hands-on sessions in our forthcoming courses on expressing creativity in engineering... Axon can effectively assist an individual or a group to think, plan and organize. The visual patterns of connected ideas and concepts model the way most of us think..."

- Prof. WAM Alwis, as Director of the Engineering Innovation Unit, National University of Singapore.

"...there are a number of commercial products to help with creativity,... Some are idea mapping products... The second set are programs which seek actively to stimulate ideas. These vary from ... to probably the most complex support from the Axon Idea Processor".

"As a writer, my work is separated into two phases: analysis and synthesis. During analysis, I am taking an idea apart...looking for definitions, contrasts, comparisons; looking for causes and effects, reasons and qualifications. As I find an answer, or as a new idea comes to me, I record it on the Axon screen, freely associating, not worrying about position or links (although if an obvious link occurs, I do record it)... I think Axon is the best idea generating software on the market, and I am happy to contribute any ideas that might improve it".

- M. Kenny, Freelance Writer, USA