Download Axon2013 Lite (Free-ware)

The Lite Version is a free-ware with no time expiry but a limitation on file size (of less than 20 entities). No sign-up is needed for downloading.

download now Axon2013 R2.20 (Size: 6.8 MB)

Download Axon2013 Plus

The same Lite Version can be changed to the full Plus Version by entering the license key from Help|Enter License.

No download needed for AxonJS, which is web-based.

Requirements for Axon Windows

windows icon Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP.
     (Not for Win2000/NT, MacOS, Unix, Linux).

Download Older/Other Versions

softpedia logo Axon2013 R2.20 ZIP version
Axon2012 R2.00
Axon2011 R2.06
Older files - Contact Axon Research

Installation Notes

Method 1 - Using the EXE version
If you get the "Access Denied Error" message, right-click on the downloaded setup2013*.exe and select "Run as administrator".

Method 2 - Using the ZIP version
For corportate users who are not allowed to download .exe files.

  1. Unzip the setup2013r*.zip into a new folder (typically at c:\Axon2013).
  2. For Windows 7, do not unzip to c:\Program Files\ as this may give Acess Denied Error.
  3. Run Axon2013.exe.