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 AXON Users  Group

 Founded : Nov 1999
 Founder :
     Keith Gardner

     Keith Gardner
     Chan Bok

     1900 members
     3900 messages

The AXON Users Group is a forum hosted by Yahoo Groups where users can ask questions, share ideas, and download/post Axon files, request new features, etc. Although the group is run independently of AXON Research, product related announcements such as new releases are distributed to the Users Group. The AXON Users Group is at:  

Anyone can join the Users Group now by simply completing the box below and click on the Join Now button.


 About AXON  Research

Chan Bok

AXON Research, the developer of the AXON Idea Processor, is a Singapore based company founded by Chan Bok in 1991. Chan holds an honors degree in Mathematics and a masters degree in Industrial Engineering. Chan's past work experience include over 10 years as management consultant in KPMG, and a shorter stint as a research officer in the Port of Singapore. In 1983, he participated in the first National Software Competition and won the first prize of $5,000. Chan Bok can be contacted at

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  33A, Charlton Lane, Singapore 539670